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ICEBERG – The Trailer

THIRTY3SOUTH is proud to have produced ICEBERG The Documentary. In November 2014, Kirrily Dear set out on a little 860km run across NSW to bring focus on Domestic Violence in our communities. What started as one woman’s journey ended up becoming the journey of many.

Since launching, the documentary has been aired to over 350,000 viewers as part of ABC’s Compass program and continues to create interest from private viewings and film festivals across Australia.

What does THIRTY3SOUTH do?

THIRTY3SOUTH is a video production company based in Newcastle NSW that helps brands and businesses connect with their audiences. Video, film, animation and screen content are all powerful ways to engage with audiences, but we go way beyond producing “nice” little pieces to help you tick the video box in your communications strategy.

We help brands and businesses improve Search Engine Optimisation, Email Campaign Conversion, Product Ranking, Consumer Engagement and Brand Value all through the use of powerful video and film communication programs.

THIRTY3SOUTH looks at the complete spectrum of opportunities that video and film present. We look at all aspects of how video and film can help you be found; by strengthening your Search Engine Optimisation, be remembered; by engaging your audience quickly and memorably, and be transacted with; by ensuring viewers are driven to the appropriate action.

Video and film are no longer the future. 60% of all online content is video and THIRTY3SOUTH is here to help brands and businesses understand and take advantage of the opportunities presented and connect with beautiful content.

We develop strategies and content in these areas

Corporate Video Production


There is a wave of change in the way society is consuming information. Video is the medium of choice to find, understand and transact with a brand or business. THIRTY3SOUTH is a Video Production Company that understands brands and businesses and can help you surf the information wave.

Residential Property Video Production


Set your listing and your service apart with engaging and beautifully shot property portfolio films.

THIRTY3SOUTH has its roots in property marketing and is the right Video Production Company in Newcastle to help your business build its profile in a very competitive space.

Commercial Video Production


Show your commercial listing from a unique perspective. By combining targeted sales scripting and key benefit graphics with cinematic videography and aerial footage, THIRTY3SOUTH is the right Video Production Company to set your project apart.

THIRTY3SOUTH will engage your buyers like never before.

TVC Video Production


If you are investing in being seen on TV or online, don’t waste the opportunity and represent your brand poorly. We produce simple, yet engaging content for television and online ads.

THIRTY3SOUTH works with all budgets to create ideas that resonate and drive action in your audience.

aerial video production


Create amazing connection by showing your project, your property or your event from a unique perspective. Our Drone filming adds an element of grandeur to any project.

THIRTY3SOUTH is a Video Production Company that combines aerial footage with creative story telling to create engagement.


Let us help you tell your story to the Hunter and the world through effective film and video production.


Every day we are grateful for such great partners!

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