About us.

At THIRTY3SOUTH we are passionate about helping organisations connect with their audiences through the power of video production. The world is experiencing a revolution in the way that information is found, consumed and judged. Every day the average person is exposed to over 100 screens presenting information and this is just the start of it. By 2017, Youtube is predicted to be the primary source of information for the new generation of information consumers. What should organisations do? What should they produce and how often should they produce it? That’s where THIRTY3SOUTH comes in. We take the guess work out of presenting your organisation through the power of film.

Our studio has enough firepower to produce the largest of projects. Equipped with 3 MacPro edit suites and an ever evolving line up of camera, sound, lighting and drone gear; we are ready to tackle any job.

Located on Darby Street in Cooks Hill, we are close enough to coffee to keep us going and far enough from the beach to keep us working, although we do seem to have unexplained technical issues when the surf is good on occasion.

When you’re next on the strip, come in and say hi. Once here you can chill in our lounge with a coffee to watch your project come to life or to discuss your next one.