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A little production value goes a long way

This ad for a used car could be the reason the Australian new car market has all but disappeared. With production value like this, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more mid 90’s Barina’s on the road.




There’s beauty everywhere you look

This week we had the privilege to work with the team at Hunterland to create some Industrial Property Films at Freeway Business Park in Beresfield from a new perspective. Next time you’re driving past on Weakleys Drive or John Renshaw Drive let your mind wonder skyward.





Last week we sent Cal up into the sky strapped to a kite. It wasn’t long before he was getting some great vision of our beautiful city.

Cal’s kite is a GoPro Drone which gives amazing agility to film flying. It can be used for cinematic shots such as these or more intimate locations such as inside larger buildings for a unique perspective.

And for those who might be trying to put two and two together; no it was not us who nearly ran into the Westpac helicopter last week.

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